Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jumpseat Incident Highlights DPA Professionalism

Here's some professionalism at work:

I non-rev home to Atlanta, yesterday, after a long weekend with my girlfriend and he daughter in ZZZ. The standby list was looking horrible for the ZZZ flight. I noticed a short-haired non-rev, with 4 kids. …..I went up to the desk and asked the agent to put me on the jumpseat, then I headed down the jetway to talk with the captain. The conversation went as follows: ……….ME - "Good afternoon Captain. My name is R******, I am a D**** pilot, and I am supposed to be a non-rev in back. There are lots of folks up at the gate trying to non-rev, including a pilot and his 4 kids, so I figured I would jumpseat, to free up a seat for another employee. However, I do have a shirt with a collar, but no dress pants. I only have these jeans I am wearing. "…………. Captain- "Ummmm, I don't know about that….." ……….. First Officer-"F*&^ him, he should have bought a ticket!" ………. Me-"He is a fellow D**** pilot, traveling with 4 children." ………. F/O-"Like I said, F*&^ him! He could have bought a ticket, just like any other passenger." …….. Captain-"I'm sorry, but I can't allow jeans in the cockpit." ……..Me- "Thanks anyway, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask." Although I wish the Captain was an outside-the-box thinker, I respect his decision. However, I was blown away by the loser in the right seat. Perhaps he was flexing his 5' 6" Napolean complex, but what a dork. I can guarantee he will not get the jump seat on any flight I am working.

Both the poster and the right seat pilot claim to be DPA supporters. Will there not be a Professional Standards Committee at DPA or will all issues go straight to the Chief Pilot for discipline? Shouldn't we be able to work things out between ourselves without calling the CPO and placing a pilot in jeopardy?