Friday, August 17, 2012

Council 20 Conducts Member Survey in Violation of ALPA Policy

In what can only be termed bizarre, the DPA attacks Council 20 for trying to use an online survey to collect information from pilots. The Council 20 reps wanted a snap shot as far as we can tell and used a survey.

The DPA, on the other hand, used the ALPA Admin Manual to say that Council 20 had violated ALPA rules, except they missed a small detail. There's a legal difference between a survey and polling. They are not the same thing.

The Admin Manual details the rules for polling, as does the Delta MEC Policy Manual. No such restriction exists for surveys. An LEC may do surveys, as Council 20 did, and the DPA continues to challenge the notion that they can read legal language. The kind of legal language that would end up in a DPA CBA.

Council 20 was trying to be responsive to their pilots and the DPA attempted to use ALPA rules against them. It was a survey, not a poll, and it's allowed today just like the DPA proposes.