Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RPGs, FAMs and other initialisms

Check this out! The DPA is continuing their fantastic use of initialisms with another recruiting campaign. They are going to RPG ALPA. How could anyone not like that?

DPA Retired Pilots Group (RPG) Registration

How will retired pilots help the DPA?

The RPG will promote additional support from active pilots through donations and volunteering.
Phase 8 in the three year process of bring the DPA to term is getting angry, disgruntled, retired pilots to send money to the DPA. Got it.


We will select a retired Delta Pilot from this group to lead the effort and several local retirees around the current pilot bases to run the local groups. 
We read this as the DPA is still having trouble finding volunteers. How's that Base Communication Program coming along?

A quick Google search reveals lawsuit after lawsuit from retired pilots against ALPA, the pilots, and the airline itself. Most of them don't go anywhere like this one:

Holmes et al v. Air Line Pilots Association, International et al

Cliff notes: He wanted to have the court take back all the note and claim money from every single pilot and redistribute it using a formula of his making. We acknowledge that there are many groups out their looking out for the best interests of the retired pilots like the DP3 but, we also know that there are many disgruntled pilots looking for personal gain out of your own pocket. Remember, when ALPA gets sued, it's your money.

Is the DPA RPG based on altruism or a further desire to knock ALPA off it's feet by any means possible? With a name like RPG, we'll assume it's just more of the same blind anger towards destroying ALPA and not creating a viable alternative union.

It's interesting to note in a time when pilots still mention that they are angry with PRPs and Age 65 that the DPA is now tapping into those same retired pilots who petitioned to come back with their existing seniority numbers after the law changed and have been suing you for more of your own personal money that you got from bankruptcy claims.