Monday, February 6, 2012

Pilot represntaions

This weeks theme for the DPA update is common one. Attack a process that most pilots don't ever end up in and see if some of the accusations stick.

First, and that's make this absolutely clear, when ALPA represents a pilot in a termination case they pay for everything. Some of your dues that went to Herndon to be pooled was saved up for this. ALPA pays for everything. Legal time, hotels, plane tickets, witnesses, and anything you need for you defense. They spend more on your defense that an entire ALPA careers worth of dues on just you.

Second, clearly the DPA does not understand how the process works. They talk about pleading your case to the board prior to termination. In termination cases FlightOps takes a long time to investigate and multiple hearings are held prior to the pilot being terminated. The 5-Man board happens after termination. If the DPA can't even keep track of our own process with the experienced ALPA volunteers on their staff, how do you expect them to improve on a process that has worked for decades?

Terminations are always 5 man board cases. Two experienced pilots on your side with a neutral arbitrator and two FlighOps members rounding it out. The DPA solution is to pay for three arbitrators instead of just one? Clearly they have no understanding of how many arbitrators are available in the U.S. and how busy they are. Their random jury concept of getting you a pilot may result in you getting a new hire on probation or someone who is afraid to buck the company line.

Don't fall victim to the shallow attempts to confuse you about how your dues are spent and what it takes to defend a termination.