Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A DPA News update

Several people have approached DPA with requests for backing their run for ALPA Rep on the DPA platform.  Because the system is clearly broken, DPA has and will continue to reject all proposals that involve attempting to control the MEC or take over positions.  The national structure must be separated from and our local structure must be completely removed.  Only then will Delta Pilots have peace of mind that only their interest is being served.

Three bases had elections and those three bases had DPA members run. The DPA then waits until after the election to say they won't endorse a candidate? They keep saying current ALPA volunteers will be welcome and then say that DPA members shouldn't volunteer? Does this mean the DPA members did get elected or didn't get elected and that's why the revisionary history? They do want pilots to stay ALPA members but don't want them involved in the current process? Does that mean the "thousands" of DPA members didn't do the ALPA Contract Survey? It's the Delta Pilot's Contract, all Delta pilots should be involved. We are confused and troubled to say the least.