Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DPA Crew Van News Item #2

We were not surprised to see the DPA's continued misrepresentation of the FTDT NPRM. They claim ALPA wants you to be aware of your crews health and well-being, not unlike signing the release saying the same thing.

ALPA advocates rule change requiring fellow pilots to report

CAPA also is supporting the passing of the legislation.

"CAPA has long advocated “One Level of Safety” for all commercial aviation where passenger, all-cargo and charter operations are regulated equally. It is vitally important to the safety of our nation’s aviation transportation system that these new rules be implemented without further delay," comments Capt. Carl Kuwitzky, President of CAPA.

ALPA and CAPA both support passing of the rules, neither supported all the changes the FAA and ATA wanted. What does the DPA think they would do different if CAPA is on board as well? If both CAPA and ALPA support the rules being implemented where is the DPA's disconnect?

More DPA prestidigitation.