Thursday, September 1, 2011

The DPA video is out!

Go watch it. Click here

Not a bad first start. We thought it took a little long to get out considering that they've been telling ALPA that a common pilot could do this kind of thing faster. We also weren't real thrilled to hear they were using non-union hotels, print shops and video production people. We find it interesting that a union replacement wants nothing to do with unions. They are outsourcing everything right now. Will that continue? Does that mean that the lawyer is the cheapest one they could find too? They want pilots to have union support and union wages but outsource everything down to the stickers? Is that really true? They want to demand passengers pay top dollar but want to encourage outsourcing? Mow your own lawn? Pay your mechanic his pay or do it yourself? Do your own plumbing? Will the DPA really pay top dollar and get the best services with your money? We are not convinced.

Other interesting points include:

  • One speaker being here because he's over age 60 and another complaining about age 65. 
  • One of those guys has earned over $3,000,000 in his career through ALPA contracts. 
  • Tim started working on this in April of 2009 and likes bears.
  • The bottom up organization already has a predetermined committee structure and has already decided for you that the seniority block system is the way to go. No vote. Their idea. You sign up for them. That's what you get.
  • They say that your rep can vote against you, as long as he's right and then complains that the current reps don't have to vote the way you would have?
  • Everyone will vote on everything. If you've ever been in a time critical negotiation, you know a two week open vote isn't going to work especially with confidential information.
  • Seham talks about the law firm and their history of aviation. They talk about mechanics and bore scope technicians that are paid too much and they neglect to mention they also do divorces. I guess that's what this is anyway. We also think bore scope guys should get paid well. 
  • We can't speak for Tim's views on furloughs but we know that the former CA Chairman flat our disputes Tim's version of what happened. He may no longer be an angry FO, but it sure sounds like revenge time. Doesn't it?
We are not sure of the impact of the video. We were not sold.