Friday, August 19, 2011

JetBlue Pilots Reject ALPA. DPA rejoices!

We question the hidden motives of the Delta Pilots Association as it relates to the JBLU vote. We agree the JetBlue vote could have gone better for ALPA but the DPA makes an interesting point worth looking at:

DPA congratulates the JetBlue pilot group for having the wisdom to see that independence is more valuable than attachment to a bloated bureaucracy incapable of exclusive representation.  DPA members look forward to achieving that very same independence.
We read this statement of support in a very different light. 2059 out of 2108 pilots voted. 1193 voted no to ALPA and 834 vited yes for ALPA. Now, here is the interesting part. Only 23 voted for 'other' representation.

The DPA asserts that the JetBlue pilots want independence like they do. The facts state otherwise.

ONLY 23 pilots voted for other representation. The JetBlue pilots voted for more than independance, they vote for individualism.

2108 individual pilot contracts.
2108 individuals looking out for themselves.

We ask the question again. Does the DPA really want an independent union or no union at all?