Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Delta Pilots Association - The August 10th Meeting

Why so much talk about the money!

We have heard people ask about the money. What money you may ask? The DPA has over $36,500 in donations to date, yet they needed even more financial assistance juts to have this meeting. We don't question the need to spend money. We know it costs money to run a business, but here's the rub. The DPA paid for a conference room that holds 200+ people for the day. They paid for coffee and water. They paid for the A/V equipment they used. They paid for a "professional camera crew." About 20 people per session were admitted.

They did all this with "supercharged" donations. Yes.
You can see what they've spent. Yes. It is online, but isn't this everything they said they would not be or is it?
Item 12) Majority of routine work done over teleconference

This seems pretty routine to us. A meet and greet with the founder. Something they already paid a camera crew to attend. We'll assume the lawyer showed up for free. Why pay for a camera crew when a pilot could have filmed it? The DPA has already put together several animations on their YouTube Channel. They paid for someone extra. These are the same arguments they make against ALPA all the time. You may counter with ALPA doing the same thing, except that ALPA already has part-time and full-time union employees for this purpose and they already own the equipment. Why would the DPA buy their PA sytem outright if they are going to have online meetings? What's the calendar event for the next open meeting? Who's storing the equipment and where? What does it cost to ship a PA system around?

We're not comparing who is better, just saying there's less difference between the two groups than meets the eye. It does cost money.

Take a look at the last few updates to see how it pieces together. Remember they had space for 400+ over the span of 2 meetings and had less than 50 total people attend including the reporters, ALPA, DPA staff and a group of pilots. They knew weeks out that no one was attending yet they still hyped it as if seats were running out. Is that responsible? Why not tell people we need more pilots to attend? Question time was changed to having only vetted questions. That's a nice way to control the message isn't it?

August 8th, 2011

We still have seats remaining for those who want to reserve a seat and guarantee participation.  Pre-registered attendees will be admitted beginning at 8:40 am for the morning session and 12:40 pm for the afternoon session.  All other walkup attendees will be admitted on a space available basis at 8:55 and 12:55 respectively.  Coffee and water will be provided.

Those of you who have pre-submitted questions will be guaranteed a response.  The list of questions is growing and we will enjoy addressing each one.  You will have an opportunity for one followup question once your initial question has been addressed.  As time permits, we will take additional questions on the spot.  

The response to our request for your financial support has been very good.  All the ATL meeting expenses have been covered by new donations.  We encourage those of you who haven't made a contribution to help supercharge our continued campaign with a DONATION right now.  As usual, we will make sure your contribution is stretched to its capacity and wisely allocated.

August 4th, 2011

We still have some reserved seats remaining, so guarantee you will have a front row seat in the history of DPA by registering right now.  We hope to accommodate everyone, but space is limited. 
For those of you who cannot make the meeting, don't worry.  Your donations have made it possible to bring in a professional camera crew to record the meeting in its entirety.  We will work to quickly make the recording available to you.  Please consider making a DONATION right now to help defray the cost of this video and the meeting expenses.

August 1st, 2011

In preparation for the ATL meeting and future DPA road shows, we have invested significant dollars in equipment, services and facilities.  We intend to provide you with coverage of the meeting for those of you who cannot attend.  To help us produce a professional product, we are asking you to consider making a DONATION right now.  To date, out of 3,250 members, over 300 have made a contribution averaging $100 per pilot.  That amount, over $33,000.00, has been sufficient to propel DPA to the halfway mark.  We need significant participation from the rest of you to continue building our momentum.  We ask every DPA member to show your support at this time by making a contribution right now. Click the orange link above to do your part.

Confirmed seating limited to first 150 registrants. Walkup open seating limited to 50 seats or room capacity.

June 30th, 2011

Seventh, the DPA Facilities Committee has booked the training hotel in ATL (Comfort Inn on Virginia Ave) for a series of open meetings on August 10th.  Beginning at 09:00, we will host three one-hour sessions back to back covering a DPA introduction, a Q&A session and a training session.  After a one hour lunch break, the same sessions will be repeated beginning at 13:00 and ending at 16:00.  The venue can only accommodate 200 people for each session, so we will provide you with a registration form after the August bids come out.  Volunteers will be needed to host the event, so look for that opportunity as well.  A few members of the press will be invited to attend as well.
- DPA content provided by the DPA.

Even the hand picked Advisory Council

Lastly, make a generous contribution, TODAY, to DPA commensurate with your desire to make this career a great one again! Is one hour of flight pay worth it?  How about a rotations worth?
We don't know, but we do wonder about the money.

Another interesting tidbit out of this meeting. The DPA does not get the $8,000,000 Delta Pilot SMRA.

That's a lot of supercharging required to get that money ready for Section 6!