Monday, August 22, 2011

ALPA Withdraws Services From APA

We borrow this highly publicized headline from the DPA's very own news page. Why?

This morning we heard that an email was going around from our APA brothers in DFW. IT said that the APA had again chosen to re-sign with ALPA for a full extension of their services plan.We congratulate the APA on working to move the ball forward again. We now wait to see what the DPA will do for it's next move after they spent weeks on the forums showing that this was proof that ALPA was all things incarnate.

Speaking to the previous services agreement cancellation, the DPA said "This announcement comes as no surprise to DPA members."

Will this one?

DPA congratulates the pilots of APA for wisely discerning the ramifications of associating themselves with a dysfunctional organization such as ALPA.  DPA continues to support the efforts of American pilots to maintain their independence from conflicted organizations.  DPA looks forward to the moment that 6,500 Delta Pilots realize we have the very same issues of conflict of interest and inadequate services.  Upon that realization, we will have a vote for our independence and a vote for regaining total control of our futures.

So what's next for the DPA as they have stated their clear opposition to the APA (a CAPA member) from using the services of ALPA?

Will they attack the APA again as they did when the Captain Bates letter came out or will they which them good luck like we do here at DPA Watch...?

We will not hold our breath waiting for a DPA retraction.