Sunday, July 31, 2011

JetBlue goes on the offensive using...the DPA?

In an utterly bizarre twist in the JBLU certification drive DPA Watch has uncovered an email being sent to JetBlue pilots purportedly from their management team. It goes on to say:

Dear Fellow Jetblue Pilots;

    Please read the following facts and documentation so that you can make an informed decision during this ALPA led union election.   Think of this document as the results of an ALPA pre-employment background check.   It is pivotal for Jetblue pilots to make decisions based on facts.   Many man hours were donated in gathering this information and the associated authentication.   This information is compiled from fellow Jetblue pilots and many other airline pilots that have had experiences with unions, mainly ALPA.   Included are links to websites as undeniable proof to authenticate the findings.   Please spend the time to not only read this but, to vote.   Due to the new NMB rules, you may as well consider failing to vote, as an ALPA vote.   The pilots that ALPA believes will vote in their favor will be firmly pressed to vote by the hand and capital of the union business.   If you have one doubt about ALPA, especially after reading this, we implore you to play it safe, and vote no.   The information presented here is in the format of FACTS and EXAMPLES OF POOR REPRESENTATION.
The rest of the email is long and asserts many things but here is the interesting part:

·        Delta pilots are trying to fire ALPA.   Read the testimonial from the Founder of the Delta Air Lines Pilot Association.   Thousands of Delta pilots have signed up to vote ALPA off the property.   This interview from the opposition founder tells of his personal experiences andspecific examples of ALPA not living up to its promises while employed at Northwest and Delta.   It is absolutely eye opening, and a must read for someone on the fence;
JetBlue is using the union decertification drive by DPA as ammunition against JetBlue Pilots having any union at all.

What kind of union will DPA be if they allow themselves to be used as anti-union pawns by labor management?

How far will Delta go to use that anti-union wedge in the upcoming negotiations?