Saturday, June 11, 2011

A deep bench of experienced ALPA volunteers

We read on the DPA website that they will have members with ALPA experience and current ALPA volunteers ready to take over on day one. How is that possible?

It's a bottom up group and has no structure yet. You have not told them how you want this done. Yet someone has decided it's fine.

They say they are going to use block representatives. That means that your current reps can not just transition over as they are elected base reps and not a block number representative. The odds of them getting elected in their block of 600 is minimal at best. What happens in the months of chaos that ensue trying to organize an election for 20 block reps? Who runs the show then? Who pays for it? Elections currently take over a month due and that's using electronic balloting. How long do you think it will take to clean house at ALPA (as they've stated) and then insert their own people?

They talk about all reps flying a mandatory half month. Remember, it's bottom up, you've already accepted this idea that they decided on for you. When your CPO calls who is going to drop their trip to fly to your base to represent you? Will they even have trip drops for representation? Do you want a stranger in with your Chief Pilot or someone who has a working relationship?

Oh, and the money. Your dues check off is with ALPA. On DPA Day 1 there are no dues coming in and no SMRA. Yes. That's right. The DPA can not get the SMRA. They may litigate for it, but it goes back to ALPA.

Will the ALPA office staff in Atlanta all get fired? Probably. So now we have to hire new staff to replace them. How much is that going to cost on day 1?

So what's going to happen on day 1? TC walks into the office of Labor Relations and starts from scratch?

We are all for positive change, but these guys are starting from scratch not seceding like USAPA. USAPA already had structure. They just moved on. How on earth is DPA going to build this from the ground up. It's going to be some barn building!